TALMID 2018: A Professional Development
Workshop for Instructors of Classical Hebrew

Teaching with Advanced Language Methods Including Dialogue






TALMID Benefits

A Typical

Benefits of TALMID א (a 3-day workshop)

TALMID א offers a brief portion of the longer workshop, configured for instructors who wish a more compact introduction to the teaching of Hebrew communi­catively. Through this 3-day workshop you will:

        Gain an introduction to advanced language instruction methods

        Build a foundation for converting your Hebrew reading skill into a conversational skill

        Receive hands-on micro teaching opportunities with three question-styles (polar, spatial, and questions of simple preference)

        Acquire insights for incorporating cultural artifacts and leading exegetical discussions


Benefits of TALMID ב (a 10-day workshop)

Due to its 10-day format, TALMID ב encompasses all the benefits listed above for TALMID א, then moves beyond to provide the following:

        Learn to handle an advanced range of conversational questions, whether of past or future events, including anterior circumstances and underlying motives

        Consolidate your ability to lead classroom conversations in Classical Hebrew

        Deepen your ability to teach language through culture using archaeological artifacts

        Practice conducting exegetical discussions in Classical Hebrew, as you focus on selected biblical texts

        Work with colleagues to outfit your current curriculum with communicative techniques

        Pause for optional trips to the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, the Cleveland Art Museum, and Amish Country

        NETWORK over lunches with colleagues who share your love for Classical Hebrew.

        LEARN to conduct routine class activities (taking attendance, distributing handouts, initiating readings) in Classical Hebrew

Participants of both TALMID א and TALMID ב will receive a notebook of model lesson plans and classroom activities, together with a copy of  Millim: Words for Conversation in the Biblical Hebrew Classroom (included with tuition).


Participant Requirements

Workshop participants must have completed a minimum of one year of formal training in Classical (Biblical) Hebrew.  In addition, they will either have taught Hebrew, or desire to teach Hebrew in the future.  Graduate students intending to teach Hebrew are encouraged to attend (see “Scholarship” page).


Please note:  Neither of the TALMID Workshops are designed for novice Hebrew learners. 


TALMID Workshop Mission Statement

TALMID Workshops exists to enable instructors of Classical Hebrew to activate a Second Language Acquisition approach in their language courses.


The TALMID Workshop’s Connection with the “5 C’s” of ACTFL and ACL

Participants in TALMID Workshops will receive specific training in two of the five world-readiness goal areas (the “5 C’s”), as set forth by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and also adopted by the American Classics League.  Those are “communication” and “cultures.”  For an executive summary of the ACTFL goals, click here.  For a version of the same five goals adapted to classical languages, click here.

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