On August 26th General Kornilov sent to me…a demand for the surrender by the Provisional Government of the whole plenitude of Civil and Military authority, with a view to his forming, at his personal discretion, a NEW GOVERNMENT for administering the country…. Perceiving in the presentation of such demands, addressed to the Provisional Government in my person, a desire of some circles of Russian society to take advantage of the grave condition of the State for the purpose of establishing in the country a state of authority in contradiction to the conquests of the Revolution, the Provisional Government has found it indispensable:


To authorize me, for the salvation of OUR country, of liberty, and of Republican order, to take prompt and resolute measures for the purpose of uprooting any attempt to encroach upon the Supreme Authority in the State and upon the rights which the citizens have conquered by the Revolution.


I am taking all necessary measures to protect the liberty and order of the country, and the population will be informed in due course with regard to such measures.


At the same time I order herewith:


I.                   General Kornilov to surrender the post of Supreme Commander-in-Chief to General Klembovsky, the Commander-in-Chief over the armies of the Northern front which bar the way to Petrograd; and General Klembovsky to enter temporarily upon the post of Supreme Commander-in-Chief, while remaining at Pskov.


II.                To declare the city and district of Petrograd under Martial Law, extending to it the regulations for the localities declared under Martial Law.


I call upon all the citizens to preserve complete tranquillity and to maintain order, which is so indispensable for the salvation of the country. I call upon all the ranks of the army and navy to carry on with calmness and self-abnegation their duty of defending the country against the external enemy.



Prime-Minister, Minister of War and of Marine.

The 27th day of August 1917.