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John Moser is known for his portrayal of famed sportscaster Howard Cosell.  To find out more about having him speak at your next event, contact him here.


Video Samples

YouTube - Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football

YouTube - Howard Cosell on Frank Gifford

YouTube - Howard Cosell on the State of Pro Football

YouTube - Howard Cosell on Don Meredith

YouTube - Howard Cosell on the "Jockocracy"



What people are saying about John Moser as Howard Cosell:


John Moser’s portrayal of Howard Cosell is spot on, from the perfectly nuanced bombastic Brooklyn accent, to the cigar puffing swagger.  But Moser goes beyond the obvious ‘Cosellisms,’ revealing Cosell’s deep intellect and even deeper love and respect for sports and journalism.  A thoroughly engaging performance.


Sherrie Tolliver, Cultural History Interpreter, Cleveland, OH

John's portrayal of Cosell even entices those who couldn't stomach the man of many words.  His performance captures the audience with wit and humor while transporting them back to some very memorable points in history.


Tricia Applegate, Ashland Chautauqua, Ashland, OH


Dr. John Moser as Howard Cosell is one of the best presentations we have had over the years at the Big River Chautauqua.  The audience was enthralled the whole evening.  John Moser is Howard Cosell.


Michael Layden, Big River Chautauqua, Bonne Terre, MO

John Moser’s portrayal of Howard Cosell is both innovative and inspiring. He truly captures the essence of Cosell and paints the picture, stirring emotions and bringing back memories for those who both loved and hated the man who was a true icon of professional football broadcasting.


Amy Daubenspeck, Ashland County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Whether you hated him or loved him, John Moser's portrayal of Howard Cosell is sure to inform and entertain.  From the yellow blazer to the smoldering cigar, John captures the larger-than-life presence of the original sport broadcasting legend.


Dr. Deleasa Randall-Griffiths, Associate Professor of Speech Communications, Ashland University





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