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            Justin D. Lyons

          Associate Professor of Political Science

            Ashland University

          Ashland, Ohio 44805

          Office: Andrews 117

          (419) 289-5709




Curriculum Vitae


Course Links


            HIST 112: Western Civilization

                        Flannery, “Liberal Arts and Liberal Education”

                        Foster, “On the Goal of Liberal Education”

                        Schramm, “On Reclaiming Liberal Education in the University”

                        Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

                        The Acts of the Apostles


            HIST 113: Western Civilization

                        Prescott, History of the Conquest of Mexico, I. Ch. 3;


                        Federalist #9 (Read first three paragraphs)

                        Federalist #10       

                        Federalist #51