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Dr. Thomas Dence  
The Man, The Myth, The Legend...

Dr. Thomas Dence
Dr. Thomas P. Dence
Professor of Mathematics

Office: 216 Patterson
Office Phone: (419) 289-5262

Birthday:October 18th, 1945
Began Teaching:High School in 1969, College in 1974
Degree:PhD in Theoretical Mathematics,
Colorado State University
Hobbies:Golf, gardening, photography, hiking, & racquetball
Favorite Colors:Red & purple
Favorite Number:p (pi)
Dr. Dence's Erdös Number:2
Favorite Book:The Code Book, By Simon Singh
Favorite Movie:The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Favorite Actor:Paul Newman
Favorite Cartoon Characters:Roadrunner & "Slow-poke" Gonzalez
(Speedy Gonzalez's cousin)
Favorite Animal:Cocker Spaniel
Pets Owned:2 cats, "Little Boo" and "Big Boo"
Favorite Sport to Play:Golf
Favorite Sport to Watch:Football
Favorite Sports Team:University of Dayton football team
Favorite Sports Player:My son, Robert
Favorite Thing About Teaching:Getting students excited about mathematics
Most Memorable Moment
in Teaching Career:
Working with Carl Pomerance at the
University of Georgia