Dr. Soren Brauner
Professor of Biology & Faculty, Environmental Science Program
Ashland University, Ashland, OH 44805

sbrauner at botany meeting 2009 in utah
The 2009 Botanical Society of America meeting in Snowbird, UT
Audra Croskey (AU'07) was a co-author on the presentation.
Department of Biology, 401 College Ave.

office: Kettering 322
phone: 419-289-5275
email: sbrauner@ashland.edu
BIO SG: Plants and Civilization (Science Core)
BIO 201: Molecular and Cellular  Basis of Life (Science Core)
BIO 207: General Botany
BIO 303: Genetics
BIO 403: Advanced Genetics

EVS 200: Environmental Science Seminar
EVS 476:  Issues in Environmental Science

botany field trip to fowler woods S'08
General Botany students at Fowler Woods

redd canary grass at Black Fork Wetlands Preserve
Reed canary grass at the Black Fork Wetlands Preserve

My general research interests are in plant genetics and evolution.  My recent work has involved the use of DNA markers as tools for genetic analysis in wild plants and in garden pea.

My current research students and I are examining genetic variation in populations of invasive reed canary grass in our 300-acre Black Fork Wetland Preserve.  We use ISSRs
(inter-simple sequence repeats) to detect genetic variation, a method that is helpful for organisms that are not yet well characterized genetically.
In another project, I developed gene-specific PCR markers for use in mapping a number of genes to their chromosome locations in the garden pea, Pisum sativum. Since the genetic map of pea is largely co-linear with closely related legumes such as lentil, this information is useful for researchers working in other crop species. This mapping work has the possibility for being extended by students wishing to gain experience in DNA techniques and analysis, as  DNA sequences for new genes continue to be added to Genbank, the public database.