Rodney Michael I have been teaching at Ashland University since 1997. Before coming to Ashland University I taught at Gustavus Adolphus and Ohio University where I received my Ph.D. in Medium Energy Nuclear Physics (1995) Since then I have done research in Acoustics, Neutrino Physics, Nuclear Astrophysics, and gifted education. My current interest lies in education and developing a Physics Program here at Ashland University.


Current Events


August 20 2018 Data From Ancient Quasars Confirm Quantum Entanglement

August 17 2017 What You Need To Know To Watch The Solar Eclispe

January 08 2017 Light Follows Exotic Loop Paths In Three Slit Experiment

January 02 2017 Experiment Confirms 70 Year Old Theory

September 19 2016 Physics Suffers loss of a Brilliant Scientist

September 5 2016 Colliding Galaxies Emit Gravitational Waves Sooner Than Expected

August 25 2016 A New Galaxy Possible Made Entirely Of Dark Matter

August 13 2016 Potentially Habitable Planet Orbiting Our Nearest Star