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Ashland University

Department of Chemistry/Geology/Physics

Research Interests

The chemical synthesis of polymeric building blocks that have varied molecular architectures and/or are rationally designed to self-assemble (organize) into higher-order structures is critical to the advancement of nanotechnology and the design of multi-faceted macromolecular materials.† Along these lines, my students and I are interested in the synthesis of multi-arm polylactide star polymers and amphiphilic star block copolymers; which, in turn, may function as novel, micelle-based, drug-delivery systems.† This work has been previously supported by the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund, an Ashland University Faculty/Student Engagement Grant, and an Ashland University Faculty Development Study Grant and is currently funded by the National Science Foundation.† In addition to† the research interests described above, Dr. P. Corbin has a variety of other research interests within the general area of supramolecular polymer chemistry.




Dr. Corbinís Current Research Students

Victoria Goudy (Summer 2010-present, Chemistry Major)


Zachary IlíGiovine (Fall 2009-present, Biochemistry Major)


Tiffany Weaver (Spring 2010-present, Chemistry Major)





Nicole Savig Meekins (2002-2003, B.S. Chemistry 2003, currently employed at Roxane Laboratories in Columbus, OH)


Richard Kelley (2003-2004, B.S. Chemistry 2004)


Crystal Cyrus (2003-2005, B.S. Chemistry 2005)


John Lindner (2004-2005, B.S. Chemistry 2005)


Ray Dria (2004-2007, B.S. Chemistry 2007, currently employed at Proctor and Gamble in Cincinnati, OH)


Beverly Goudy (2006-2008, B.S. Chemistry, graduate student in science education at The Ohio State University)


Katherine Moga (2008-2009, B.S. Chemistry, B.S.Ed. Chemistry Education, graduate student in chemistry at the University of North Carolina, Chapel-Hill)


Heather Bensinger (Spring 2010, Toxicology Major)



Student Pictures

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Former Research Students

Zach IlíGiovine

Torrie Goudy

Katie Moga

Bev Goudy, Spring 2007 National ACS Meeting (Chicago)