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Paul Y. Cao

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Ashland University
Patterson 205
401 College Avenue
Ashland OH 44805
Voice: 419-289-5960
pcao at ashland dot edu
Hello there. Welcome to Paul Cao's website. Here is my CV if you want to know more about me.
Courses for Spring Semester 2015
All course information are available on angel, Ashland's learning management system.

CS 101 -- Logic and Computing

CS 122 -- Computer Programming II

CS 260 -- Gray Hat Hacking

CS 303 -- Algorithms

Office Hours:

MWF 9:30-11:00, T 9:30-12:00, or by appointment

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Most of my courses are undergraduate computer science and mathematics courses.

Fall 2014 news

Recently, I am in the process of designing an undergraduate curriculum on cybersecurity. In Spring 2015, I will offer a course on gray-hat hacking. It will cover the basics of hacking ethics, laws concerning hacking, and obviously various exploit techniques. The purpose of this course is to help students understand the techniques potential attackers might employ; therefore they can design software and networks that are safer.

If you are interested in this course, shoot me an email. The pre-requisite is some prior programming experience, such as CS121 or IS370.

Here is a list of courses that I have taught over the years. If you are interested in any of the courses I have taught, just email me and I would be happy to send you more information.

Ashland University (2008 - present)
CS 101 -- Logic and Computing
CS 121 -- Programming I (C++/Java)
CS 122 -- Programming II (C++/Java)
CS 260 -- Topics course (including Linux OS, design patterns, mobile app development)
CS 303 -- Algorithms
CS 301 -- Computer Architecture
CS 433 -- Computer Networks
CS 421 -- Operating Systems

Oberlin College (2007-2008)
Math 100 -- Elementary Statistics
Math 114 -- Statistical Methods for Biological Sciences
Math 232 -- Linear Algebra

North Carolina Central University (2006-2007)
COMP 2705 -- Internet Applications
COMP 2620 -- Computer Hardware and Architecture
CISG 4910 -- Mathematical Models in Computational Biology
CISG 4920 -- Algorithms in Computational Biology
MATH 2000 -- Calculus
MATH 1100 -- College Algebra

My research interest is primarily the application of machine learning algorithms in data analysis. In particular, I am very interested in statistics based learning algorithms. For a list of my most current publications, please refer to my CV

Current projects (fall 14 and spring 15)

  • Sensor data classification. I am lookinging into how to classify noisy sensor data using machine learning algorithms. The goal is to provide relatively accurate position data of moving objects.
  • I am investigating how to design semi-supervised learning algorithms to detect the anomalies in network traffic, If you are an undergraduate in computer science or information systems, and is interested in this project, please contact me.
  • I am also working with a computer science senior on comparing feature selection and feature extraction approaches. We have finished coding a general neural network and selected a image database (MNIST from NYU). The simulation is underway to compare the behaviour of Fisher Discriminant Ratio and Singular Vector Decompositions.
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I am big fan of DIY and enjoys a good joke.

More to come soon.