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I have published poems in various journals, anthologies, chapbooks, and magazines, and have written many more than I have published. Here is a sampling of some of them.

I have received an Individual Artist Fellowship of $5000 from the Ohio Arts Council for my poetry.

Here are individual poems you might want to peruse. I'm trying to attach mp3s to them so you can hear me read them. 
Some of the following poems have been published in
Piirto, J. (2008). Saunas. Bay City, MI: Mayapple Press.
Piirto, J. (1995). A Location in the Upper Peninsula. New Brighton, MN: Sampo Publishing. Reprinted in 2003. 
Tacoma Distinguished Poets Series - Broadsides
Sampo: The Magic Mill. Forkroads.
Also in Piirto, J. (1996). Between the Memory and the Experience.
Ohio Poets, Poetry in the Park, Glass Will and Testament, and other anthologies and journals.
Grandma You Used To People of Bone and Water Women Like Horses A Charm for Singers At Delphi 
I Will Never Love Anyone The Way I Loved James Dean Grace Easter Kovalum New Year Dawn Peacock Year
The Company Amish Angelus Coyote La Difunta Correa Trespassing
Hokitita Acropolis Moose at Park Cemetery
Here is my 2008 book of poems, Saunas. For a review in Bloomsbury Review, click here:

Here is a chapbook called Journeys to Sacred Places/Places Sacred  with songs by singer-songwriter
Christopher, for conferences where we performed, in 2001 and in 2002.
We reprinted it in 2003, 2004, and 2005
Here is my poetry chapbook published in 1996:
Between the Memory and the Experience

Here is my poetry chapbook of Christmas poems since 1973:
 Silent Midnight Snow Comes Down

Here is my poetry chapbook of poems about motherhood, mamamama, published in 1979.


Here are illustrations for mamamama by Pearl Piirto
Here is my poetry chapbook of poems about the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, published in 1983: Postcards from the Upper Peninsula

Here is my poetry chapbook of poems about my travels to sacred places: Journeys to Sacred Places, that I published in 2001, and presented at the Art & Soul Conference.

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